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Welcome to IHP via BGIC!

Are you seeking Medical treatment in the UK or a Second Opinion?

Then look no further.

We are London’s leading Medical Facilitator providing specialist care, working alongside top clinics & hospitals with world renowned British trained consultants and surgeons.

We are a team of Patient Coordinators based in London, ready to assist those travelling for Medical Treatment.

We will be on hand to guide you through your medical journey from start to finish with our all- inclusive after care plan. We adhere to strict UK guidelines, offering first class service with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

  • Assistance with Visa documentation
  • No waiting list
  • Appointments arranged at your convenience
  • Options for Arabic speaking Doctors
  • Treatments at London’s top Clinics and hospitals
  • Payments can be made and reports sent directly to the BGIC for your convenience
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With Over 20 years of experience in this sector, Dr. Salaria has formed multiple links with some of the finest healthcare organisations worldwide.

Due to this extensive networking, we are able to arrange a tailor made treatment, up to 60% cheaper including flight fare and accommodation compared to private care in Europe.


What’s more, due to out connections with various health institutions and professionals, we have a reduced waiting time compared to private and NHS care.

Our locations also happen to be ideal holiday destinations. Not only will your treatment be more cost effective, but you will also be able to enjoy a vacation, whilst being treated with outstanding care.

After working over 30 years in the field of medicine and dealing with parents in the Middle East and the UK. I founded this company to assist patients travelling abroad for IVF and medical treatments, whom I found over the years have no focal point once they come for medical treatment to Britain or their designated choice of location. They needed support help and assistance during their stay here while undergoing medical treatment and an office like IHP would assist them variably and look after their concerns and worries during treatment and afterwards. The spiralling cost of fertility treatment within the UK and Europe convinced me that the patients in Britain can have affordable IVF in Dubai, Bahrain, Greece and the rest of the Europe and don’t have to spend thousands of pounds doing that. Assisting an infertile couple through their journey was the foremost reason to set up this office to help them. Along with their medical treatment they can also enjoy the sunshine and have a mini holiday. Most patients are not sick and combine their medical treatment with a holiday is the main philosophy behind IHP.

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